In real estate marketing, if you can find a marketing strategy that works well for everyone – agent, seller, and buyer – you have a winning solution. Most traditional visual marketing methods bring different pieces of value to each audience. For a long time, 2D photos have been the industry standard as they bring definitive value to agents, buyers, and sellers alike — and for good reason. Beautiful images of a home can drive interest and emotionally engage a potential home buyer. They can also impress a home seller who wants to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, which can win an agent a listing.

As camera technology continues to advance – in terms of both DSLR cameras and those on your smartphone – hi-res real estate photography will continue to be a critical part of any real estate marketing campaign. But technological innovation never stops. Today, amazing real estate photos are only part of a successful equation for the buyer and seller. The future is in 3D virtual tours.

For the buyer: More than half of home buyers start their search online. More and more of those individuals are looking for a home that is not located in their immediate area. Increasingly, these younger, digitally ‘native’ first-time buyers want to get a real sense of how a home really looks and feels beyond static photography. It’s not surprising to learn, then, that the two things that modern home buyers say they want most from a listing are large, high-quality photos AND 3D virtual home tours.

For real estate agents and sellers: In a recent survey of real estate agents, 80% say that their clients would prefer to spend less time staging their home. Almost as many (77%) say that after a staging and photography shoot have concluded, they spot an important feature of the home they missed during the session. With our Matterport VR, agents and sellers can create an always-open house which is perfectly staged 100% of the time. This can help drive greater interest in a property and better qualify leads who come to subsequent open houses.

Agents get 403% more leads from real estate listings with dynamic visual content.

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