Virtual Staging

Virtual staging offers a wallet-friendly alternative to the traditional home staging methods. Our process enables us to utilize real furnishings and decor to digitally enhance photos. This is applicable to both currently furnished spaces, meaning we can edit overtop of rooms with furniture, and vacant ones, producing a strikingly realistic portrayal of the property that's sure to dazzle everyone.

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Product Details

Increase Buyer Interest

90% of buyers start looking online, where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.

Sell Properties Faster

Homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not.

Higher Sale Price

83% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above.

A Fraction of The Cost of Traditional Staging

We can virtually furnish an entire room for just C$50.00 to C$60.00 per image.

Get Rid of That Empty, Cold and Abandoned Feeling

Fill your listing with stylish furniture which allows buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

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Customer Reviews

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I am a busy realtor and they make it so easy to go online and book their services at any time of the day or night. The work they produce is always of a very high quality and I am proud to display their pictures and virtual tours on all my listings. Their printed material is top notch as well.

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Cathy Lawlor

Real Estate Agent

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...I've ordered products and services from all of their categories and have been satisfied every time. If I ever have a question or concern I can easily call or message my assigned account executive and receive outstanding support every time...

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Karen Elliott

Real Estate Agent

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...I've been using them for all of my photography and videography needs for a year and a bit now. They are very talented, creative, professional, and most importantly fast. Their online ordering website is very helpful as well. It's as easy as ordering off Amazon...

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Kate Willson

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